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Orange County, CA has moved back into the most restrictive COVID-19 mitigation level and labor availability is again trending down. Specific customers expected to experiance scheduled deliveries have been notified of the impact and continuing to work on further mitigation efforts. Risk for additional changes to labor availability and, therefore, delivery schedules remains high through the rest of 2020 and into the first month of 2021.

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The purpose of this letter is to specifically apprise you that, effective today, we have initiated a one-week closure of our Lowell Facility operation due to COVID-19.  Unless our findings this week indicate otherwise, we intend to resume operation – with a reduced work force – on Monday, 9-28-2020.  Anaheim continues to operate at a reduced capacity and Minden at nearly 100%.

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The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the effects of the COVID-19 surge in Orange County, CA on our Anaheim, CA facility

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Like much of Southern California and New England, as well as the country at large, Cristek has seen an increase of various COVID‐19 impacts significantly challenging our ability to maintain normal operation of our business. We remain open and operational as our safety procedures meet or exceed CDC guidelines and we continue to review every procedure to ensure the health of all Cristek employees.


However, the increase in cases and the related impacts are causing delays at both the supplier and production levels within the Cristek value stream. We are monitoring each impact diligently and attempting to reduce or remove the risk of schedule impacts, but the uncertain and ever‐changing nature of each situation makes is difficult to precisely predict the scope of the impact or to offer potential recovery.

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Cristek continues to be fully operational and open as we have been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. A phased plan to implement the “new normal”is underway and look forward to continuing to support our commitment to quality and delivery.

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Cristek remains operational but with significantly reduced available resources. Please see attached for details including a request for information that may assist us with our impact assessments.

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Cristek continues to operate as an essential service at all three facilities under CISA and DHS guidelines. Leadership is monitoring and assessing potential impacts due to an increase in PTO and sick time. 

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Cristek operational status and response to California Governer Gavin Newsom's "Stay at Home" Order

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Summary of Cristek's operational status specifically in regards to the Orange County Public Health Order and the Governer of Nevada's directive.

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All three Cristek factories remain fully operational. Cristek is working on ways to protect the health and welfare of its employees while minimizing potential impacts to deliveries for our customers

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