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COVID-19 March 25th Update



Dear Customer:

Thanks to our customer partners, Cristek has received all necessary documentation confirming our status as an essential service under CISA and DHS guidelines allowing all three of Cristek’s manufacturing facilities to remain open and operational. As one of the fortunate business allowed to remain open, our priority remains focused on the health and safety of our employees and their families.

We have implemented various digital training courses to ensure a full understanding and implementation of all CDC guidelines, begun hosting live stream events, and implemented a collaborative employee communication platform to ensure we can reach all employees at all times and share all ideas and best practices to ensure Cristek remains a safe and healthy place to work.

In addition, we have reciprocated the assistance you have provided to us and are working with our supply chain to confirm they have all of the necessary documentation to allow them to continue to operate as an essential service as well.  We have set up similar events and communication platforms with our suppliers to ensure material and communication continues to flow quickly and smoothly.

The Cristek leadership team is actively monitoring and assessing all current and potential impacts due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Most relevant is an increase in PTO and sick time off averaging in the 25-30% range per day. Each site is addressing the potential impact to product and notifying customers individually if any specific orders are affected.

Please be sure to visit www.cristek.com/covid19 for all current company updates while continuing to work with your assigned account manager for specific questions as they pertain to orders and product.


Cristi Cristich, President/CEO

Brandon Roemer, Director of Sales and Marketing

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