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COVID-19 May 18th Update



Dear Customer:

We hope this letter continues to find you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Cristek has, thankfully, been able to remain open and operational throughout the pandemic. Throughout these past few
weeks, only our Anaheim facility had any closure impacts which was limited to only a single day in early April. We were able
to validate our status as an essential business, used the day to implement significant health and safety protocols, and
immediately reopened the following day. Since then, however, we continue to have higher than usual absences across all
sites as well as minor supply chain disruptions that have impacted operations. We maintain daily communication with our
employees and supplier partners to mitigate risks to employee health and supplier performance.

Last week we formalized a phased plan to implement the “new normal” and are beginning by transitioning remote workers
back into our facilities as appropriate. All outside visitors are still restricted from coming on site unless expressly authorized
by site general management on a case by case basis. We continue to abide by all local, state and federal rules and
guidelines and will notify you directly should any changes to those rules impact you.

Cristek remains committed to supporting our customer’s needs and will ensure the lines of communication remain open as
we navigate these uncertain times together. Please continue to direct all inquiries regarding individual orders and our
operational status your account managers. They will promptly escalate anything requiring management attention in
accordance with our process.

Thanks, as always, for your trust, partnership and kind consideration.



Cristi Cristich, President/CEO

Brandon Roemer, Director of Sales and Marketing

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