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COVID-19 July 8th Update



Like much of Southern California and New England, as well as the country at large, Cristek has seen an increase of various COVID‐19 impacts significantly challenging our ability to maintain normal operation of our business. We remain open and operational as our safety procedures meet or exceed CDC guidelines and we continue to review every procedure to ensure the health of all Cristek employees. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to operate and deliver the critical products and services for which you rely upon Cristek to provide.

However, the increase in cases and the related impacts are causing delays at both the supplier and production levels within the Cristek value stream. We are monitoring each impact diligently and attempting to reduce or remove the risk of schedule impacts, but the uncertain and ever‐changing nature of each situation makes is difficult to precisely predict the scope of the impact or to offer potential recovery.

We are maintaining production readiness at all three facilities and are appropriately prioritizing in accordance with DPAS requirements and contract dates. Expedites, pull ins or other recommitments above and beyond these requirements will be temporarily suspended due to the unpredictability of our supply chain and workforce availability. We continue to focus our resources to reduce the risks of all negative delivery impacts. Please continue to work with your designated sales representative for specific order details. As any new information becomes available, we will contact you with any direct impacts to your orders.

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