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Miniaturized Circular Connectors are ideal for applications where an ultra-miniature I/O connector is needed.

Circular connectors - Ultra miniature connectors

Cristek offers a broad line of the smallest, high reliability, miniaturized circular connectors available today. The panel-mounted connectors are ideal for applications where an ultra-miniature I/0 connector is needed for your box. These circular connectors can be purchased to protect against fluid immersion and most have excellent EMI shielding characteristics.

Small circular connectors are ergonomically desirable for human interface. Ranges of coupling/decoupling choices are available depending on the application. All cable connectors can be supplied with strain relief/EMI adapter backshells for customer cable termination and/or molding or alternatively, Cristek can fabricate a turnkey cable specifically engineering to meet your circular connector needs.

Circular ultra miniature connectors

Accessories such as EMI and/or immersion proof dust caps can also be provided. Connectors can be designed with Micro, Nano, RF or high voltage contacts. All connector products can be EMI filtered.

Other than the Nano, this is Cristek's most dynamic connector product area so if you don't see what you are looking for in the catalog, please consult the factory.

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Many New Miniature Circular Connector Configurations Available- Contact the Factory With Your Application Requirements!

NOTE: All drawings published on Cristek’s website are for reference only. For the most current configuration, please email