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Combination And PCB Connectors, MOTS, Stacking and Press-Fit

Proven reliability and cost effectiveness over time.

Combo - PCB Connectors - MOTS, Stacking and Press-Fit

Cristek’s lines of 55302, MOTS, Stacking and Press-Fit PC Board connector systems are perhaps the best-kept secret of the product offering. The M55302/127 and /128 connectors were among Cristek’s original products offered in 1985.

These Cristek products all incorporate high reliability beryllium copper contacts and have closed entry mating to facilitate alignment and prevent overstress. These post and box style parts have been in use for nearly 3 decades and have proven their reliability and cost effectiveness over time.

The MOTS section contains an expanded offering of the M55302 product as well as Cristek’s high density STACK-IT connector system. STACK-IT can be used to stack multiple cards of an electronics system in line when a conventional mother/daughter card approach is not feasible. The STACK-IT has also been successfully used for back-to-back card packaging schemes.

The PRESS-FIT is Cristek’s most unique board level product. Be sure to check out how this product can save you assembly time and money!

Combo Connectors

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M55302 & MOTS PCB

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