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EMI Filter Connectors/Filtered Connectors - Offering standard products and special modifications and design to support your unique application.

Filtered - EMI Filter Connectors

At Cristek we know what it takes to bring quality, reliability and responsiveness to the demanding world of EMI Filter Connectors.

  • A complete understanding of the connector.
    • As an electrical device
    • As a mechanical device
  • An extensive attention to detail
  • A high level of interaction with & service to the customer
  • The ability to design & produce ultra dense packages
  • The willingness to take on "short run" orders

Cristek has applied its 15 years of niche experience in the detail oriented, short run, ultra-miniature world of Micro and Nano connectors to the development of its EMI Filter connector product line. We have augmented our technical team by adding industry experts in EMI Filter connector design and test as well as in the design of military cylindrical connectors.

EMI Filtered - EMI Filtered Connectors

EMP, NEMP and LEMP surge protection is available on all basic connector styles. This is a particular area where Cristek's expertise in the area of ultra-density packaging provides additional value. Our approach yields a device of superior reliability that can often be retrofitted into your existing system. The following sections detail our comprehensive product offering of all major cylindrical and rectangular mil spec style connectors. As is the case with most Cristek product lines, we find that despite our extensive catalog offering, most customers require special modifications and designs to support their unique application. We welcome your inquiries for special application requirements!

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