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Micro miniature connectors - Robust mechanical and electrical performance on .050 centers.

Micro Miniature Connectors - Micro shell

Cristek is the most dynamic manufacturer of Micro miniature connectors in the world today! As a niche supplier, our focus on this high-reliability, ultra-density micro miniature connector product enables us to consistently provide our customers with the best value solutions for their demanding applications.

The advantages of the Micro concept are impressive. By halving the contact center spacing from 0.109" to .050", the contact density is increased fourfold. That means that in roughly the same panel space a user of a 25 contact D-Subminiature connector can get 100 Micro contacts.

Also, by halving the mating depth, the volume and weight for the micro miniature connector are reduced nearly eightfold. The resultant shorter signal paths are advantageous in high-speed digital applications. This micro miniature connector has been in use in military and aerospace applications since the 1960's and has proven itself to be remarkably reliable and durable.

Today, the Micro interconnect system is the most flexible, diverse and best performing .050" pitch product available. Recent manufacturing advances have made Micro miniature connectors more competitive with commercially available high-density products.

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