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Microwave Glossary

ATTENUATION The reduction in signal strength that occurs when it travels over a long distance. Measured in dB.

BLIND MATE SMP and SMPM are blind mate or "push-on" connectors. They make interconnections without the need of coupling nuts and tools. Useful when making connections in tight spaces or in conjunction with bullets which compensate for axial or radial misalignment.

BULLETS Female to female interconnects. Can help reduce insertion loss by eliminating the need for some cable assemblies with female to female connections. Bullets also compensate for radial and/or axial misalignment when blind mating.

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General Connector Glossary

"A" STAGE OF RESIN The condition of low molecular weight of a resin polymer during which the resin is readily soluble and fusible.

ABRASION RESISTANCE Ability of a material to resist surface wear.

ABRASION STRIPPER A motorized device consisting of buffing wheels that scrape flat cable insulation from conductors. Also called Buffing Stripper.

ABSOLUTE ZERO Theoretical temperature at which all thermal motion of heat action ceases, approximately –273.16º C, -459.69º F or 0º K.

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